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SF Sonic Inverter Battery

SF Sonic Inverter Inverter Battery


About SF Sonic Inverter Battery

SF SONIC Battery is equipped with a special hybrid alloy system that is the most suited to resist the high-temperature conditions. The battery is very easy to maintain and it is factory charged for ready use. The battery is highly efficient and it has positive plates which are made up of tubes holding lead oxide. The negative plate is a flat pasted plate. The electrolyte is stored in the form of liquid. Having compact size it comes in a polypropylene container which can be fitted anywhere at your home or office. It encompasses a special hybrid alloy due to which there are very less corrosion and more durability. It is best suited for deep discharge applications and thus low water loss is here.

There is a huge SF Sonic Battery Price List that provides for the different sizes of batteries and caters the diverse needs depending on its type and functionality. As there are very fewer chances of a short circuit between the places due to the reliability of the battery enhances. It delivers higher electrolyte content ensuring higher performance levels. For the battery system, Absorptive Glass Mat Separators are used.

SF Sonic Inverter Battery Price is reasonable. The longevity of the battery is high enough due to the maximum calcium alloy. Buy SF Sonic Inverter Battery Online from Moxikart to avail all the benefits and get the best inverter battery that too at the reasonable price.

SF Sonic Batteries have wonderful specifications some of its features are as below:

  • It offers free maintenance and has a long service life.
  • SF SONIC Battery has significantly higher electrolyte content that ensures better performance.
  • It is equipped with a magic eye that indicates the state of charge.
  • The water in the electrolytes requires replacement on a regular basis which depends upon the design of the particular battery.
  • Its ECS system provides amazing life cycle to the battery.
  • It contains huge operating temperature scale and contains strong-duty grids.
  • This battery’s recovery capability is high enough and having long shelf-life due to minimum self-discharge.