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June 12 2021
If you live in Delhi NCR and looking for an Inverter battery near your location in Delhi NCR, Browse and Order the Inverter batteries through Moxikart.
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June 02 2021
This post is for you if you want to know about the top 5 CNG cars in India. Best CNG cars reviews in India to buy in 2021.
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April 25 2021
Here is a list of top five inverter batteries to buy in India 2021. Best selling inverter batteries in Delhi NCR and other parts of India.
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February 13 2021
This post will help you understand the way to increase performance and life of any car battery.
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September 01 2020
Here is the list of best car batteries in India with review and buying guide.
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July 03 2020
Here is the list of top five brands for providing popular car batteries in India. You can browse the details and order a battery if needed.
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May 22 2020
Here is the guide about knowing all the car battery maintenance tips during Lockdown : COVID-19 Pandemic
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April 05 2020
Here is a list of 12 car battery maintenance tips to improve life of your car battery.
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March 30 2019
Car batteries play a key role in all operations of the car. Without the presence of the car battery, a car is unable to do the basic works. You must, therefore, know everything about the necessity of the car battery while thinking to buy Exide Car Battery online.
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March 12 2019
An inverter is probably a gift of the technological advancement which helps in providing the seamless electrical supply to any type of premises. A Sukam Home inverter might give you the following advantages like any other inverter.
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February 22 2019
Are you facing some difficulties for your inverter, which is causing by regular power cuts in your city? Then you should change the battery of your inverter, as the battery is main thing, which allow the inverter to store the current for further use.
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February 15 2019
Car batteries used to start motors and it can be replace and recycle when flat. Amaron battery for car have Silver X alloy, which adds longevity to the battery service life.
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December 19 2018
Solar panels have come up as the new age energy conservation tool that not only saves power but also saves you from high electricity costs. Since India is a country abundant in sunlight, going solar is a win-win deal for you.
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December 13 2018
Imagine you’re working frantically on your personal computer, making a presentation that needs to be submitted in an hour, and suddenly there is a power cut. Well, if you have saved your data, then you’re not in much of a problem; but if you haven’t, then you’re in trouble, big time.
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December 06 2018
Solar panels are an energy efficient approach to enjoy unlimited power supply, at reduced costs. But will these panels be of any use without solar inverters by their side? Find out yourself!
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October 24 2018
Inverters and other energy transformation gadgets divert the energy starting with one from then onto the next. An inverter in a grid associated renewable power source framework that changes over direct current(DC) power from solar boards or a wind turbine into alternating current (AC) mains power.
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October 06 2018
Pure sine wave inverters utilize more refined innovation to protect even the most sensitive gadgets. Pure sine wave inverters create power which squares with or is superior to the power in your home.
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September 26 2018
UPS is a gadget that gives battery backup when the electrical power falls flat or drops to an unsuitable voltage level. Small UPS frameworks give power to a couple of minutes; enough to shut down the PC in a deliberate way, while larger UPS frameworks have enough battery for several hours.
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September 19 2018
Requires a ton of time and consideration, which clarifies why it is easy to get made up for lost time with minor perspectives and disregard a standout amongst the most essential parts of your car, its battery.
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September 13 2018
The battery is the foundation of an inverter. It is in charge of the great execution and long existence of your inverter. In this way, general maintenance and care of the battery are exceptionally pivotal.
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August 30 2018
Power outages are the most common problem that we all face in our day to day lives. Most of the time they stay for a moment but sometimes it turns out to be a prolonged power failure that puts a temporary stop to our usual routine.
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August 20 2018
There is a wide range of factors that must be kept in mind before getting a new battery for your car. The battery of a car is its most important part without which a car cannot function.
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August 18 2018
Thanks to the frequent power cuts, inverters have turned out to be a necessity in our lives. The sale of inverters have grown remarkably in the last few years and just opposite to it is the condition of power supply that has been dropping due to the high demand.
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August 13 2018
We generally have a tendency of not giving much attention to our vehicle batteries until it completely fails. The simplest solution to this problem is getting a new battery but it may cost you a lot and can turn out to be unnecessary.
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August 08 2018
The inverter is a power backup substitute we depend on when there is a power failure. In today’s time, the inverter is an absolute necessity, thanks to the untimely blackouts that take place every now an then.
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