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    • Offer MTEKPOWER EB 1900 160AH Battery 
    • MTEKPOWER EB 1900 160AH Battery 
    • Battery type: Tubular Battery

    • Warranty:36 Months (18 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata)
    • PRICE: 14,900   34% OFF
    • With Old Battery (Same Ah) 9,799
      Without Old Battery 12,799

      (Prices are inclusive of all taxes)

    • Offer MTEKPOWER EB 1700 140AH Battery
    • MTEKPOWER EB 1700 140AH Battery
    • Battery type: Tubular Battery

    • Warranty:36 Months (18 Months Free of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata)
    • PRICE: 12,790   49% OFF
    • With Old Battery (Same Ah) 6,499
      Without Old Battery 9,999

      (Prices are inclusive of all taxes)

About Microtek Inverter Batteries

Are you thinking of buying Microtek batteries online? Visit Moxikart and make your purchase now. Moxikart.com is an authorized dealer of all Microtek inverter batteries. Our aim is to provide the most popular online series of genuine Microtek inverter batteries with the free delivery option in India.
Inverter batteries have become a modern need in every home because power outages are widespread in India, and nobody can live without power. So if you are frustrated by frequent power outages in your city, it's the perfect time to buy Microtek inverter batteries online. We are one of the leading online seller of Microtek inverter batteries in India, selling all types of Microtek inverter batteries online at the lowest price, for the convenience of customers where they meet their requirements. We deliver the Microtek inverter batteries free of charge, and the customer can pay in cash after delivery. Our delivery manager will also install the machine at no extra cost, but you only have to pay for the additional equipment, wires, or switches that are required in your home.

Buy Microtek Inverter Batteries with Moxikart

Due to the power struggles that all of us face, quality inverters batteries have now become a must-have. And when we talk about quality, there is nothing better than Microtek Inverter batteries.  Microtek is the biggest producer of power products in the world, International Brand Consulting Corporation, USA. It is named IBC Infomedia Pvt brand No. 1 of India. Ltd. (International Brand Advisory Company Group, United States).
These power products not only give electricity backup during rule cuts but also save your expensive electrical appliances & tools from damage caused by fluctuations. You can shop from a wide range of Microtek inverter batteries at Moxikart.com. We only offer a branded, 100% genuine and high-quality Microtek inverter batteries at affordable prices so that you can buy it without any worry. To compare the rates, however, visit Moxikart.com. You can choose us because we offer you the Microtek inverter batteries at the lowest price.

Types of Microtek Inverter Batteries

There are various types of Microtek Inverter Batteries available online. We will have a look at the three best Inverter Batteries that you should buy in 2020.

1. Lead Acid Inverter Battery

The most common and oldest of the three is the lead-acid Inverter battery. They are cheap and have a large capacity. Similar to the two, it is also light and may last 3 to 4 years. Nonetheless, the electrolyte level needs to be tested and topped periodically. It also discharges harmful gasses and must, therefore, be used in a ventilated place.

2. Maintenance-Free Battery

Maintenance-free Inverter battery is also known as a gel battery. It is similar to a lead-acid battery but without the requirement of any additional maintenance. It consumes gel and absorbent glass mat; thus, it is sealed. Because of this, it is more costly and has less lifespan.

3. Tubular Battery

Compared to the two, the tubular battery has a more elaborate design. It has a longer lifespan and better maintenance performance. That's why it's the most costly.
That's it! That's it! I believe that you already have everything you need to know about buying the best inverter battery given this information. Let us now continue to commonly ask questions about an inverter battery on the market to conclude it.

Microtek Inverter Batteries Price in Delhi

The price list of Microtek inverter batteries listed on our website shows many models that range from a mere 100AH to 200 AH. All of the inverters batteries are safe and contain short-circuit and overvoltage problems. Microtek tubular inverter battery is power storage and output efficiency. Before purchase, test the single battery price of the Microtek inverter and the double battery price of the Microtek inverter, which is necessary to store electricity. If you have a long time to deal with power cuts and want to mount an active inverter, then Microtek inverter batteries are the right choice.
Go for the new tubular inverter battery from Microtek if you want low maintenance and reliability costs. These maintenance-free Microtek inverter batteries are the only solution during power cuts to beat the heat. The Microtek inverter battery is another model with a flat plate battery and is designed for high performance. Microtek batteries are not dry cell batteries, but wet rechargeable cells.

Buy Microtek Inverter Battery Online

Batteries from Microtek Inverter are designed for extended use under severe conditions. They are available in various range of models to meet various power requirements and operating conditions. Microtek Industries and Microtek Automotive are the leading inverter batteries suppliers in India. The battery of the Microtech inverter is much larger, more powerful, and can withstand high temperatures. The largest Indian brand also has the broadest range of Inverter batteries.
Microtek understands that different users in India have different requirements, so Microtek is fitted with an inverter battery, whatever you like. It has value for money for those of you who seldom have power cuts, just like other inverter battery prices. For those who need such long and constant power cuts, it has high-duty tubular batteries. The choice of Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries for online UPS and mobile computers is also available. With Microtek, you can't just go wrong.
The most important part of your Inverter is the battery. If you have a high-quality battery from a trusted brand, you know you have spent your money well. Microtek offers a selection of high-tech inverter batteries with proven efficiencies and long service life: ideal for all needs, from 88AH to 230AH. The battery is design to optimize your Inverter for a long life.

Buying Guide For Microtek Inverter Battery Online with FAQ

The purchasing of inverter batteries is a tedious task that takes time. This is because before you finish the correct one, you have to compare multiple batteries and several shops. It leads to loss of time and additional costs (in the shop). Most of us lead a hectic life these days, and it is tough to find time for such activities.
Microtek inverter batteries are designed to meet the demand in Indian conditions for excessive power failure. Microtek made inverter batteries need less maintenance and can provide you with power over its entire lifetime. All inverter models available in India are compatible with the Microtek inverter batteries. Microtek inverter battery 150AH with a tremendous capacity gives a longer backup time, but at the same time, it's more expensive than a battery with a long charge of less than 100AH. A battery with a more extended guarantee period is also priced above lower guarantee batteries. If you are searching for the best inverter battery in Microtek, link to Moxikart.com, where we have a powerful computer to find the best battery capacity, you will also find all the data you need to make your decision easier.
Moxikart is India's first multi-branded online battery shop to supply 100% genuine Microtek Inverter batteries. Once you buy Moxikart Microtek batteries, you will get the original product with a manufacturer's warranty, free home delivery, and COD installation. So why are you waiting, buy your perfect Moxikart.com.com Microtek Inverter battery today?
Where to buy Microtek Inverter Batteries online?
Moxikart has a range of Microtek Inverter batteries for you. We sell all Microtek batteries at the lowest prices and pledge to ship in 2 to 4 hours. All Microtek inverter batteries are 100% genuine and manufacturer assured. We have a range of high-quality Microtek inverter batteries for your needs. Credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and EMI can be used to pay. Therefore, if you are looking for the price online for the Buy Microtek Inverter battery, log in to Moxikart.com. You will also find all the information you need to help your decision so much.

How to maintain the Microtek Inverter Batteries?

  • Operation of the Inverter in the air:–Once charged, the inverter battery is quickly heated, so it is advisable to choose a ventilated area for the inverter device. The airy environment reduces the risk of heat and keeps the battery cold.
  • Use the Inverter regularly. –I suggest that the Inverter is used frequently, it doesn't mean you quit using it, even without power cuts. If power is not interrupted, drain the battery once and every month and reload it.
  • Check water level:–Check water level once every two months to ensure that it remains at the water level. Always use battery distilled water.
  • Keep the terminal clean:–Ensure the battery terminal is always free of corrosion and rust. If the terminals have rust and corrosion, vacuum them and clean them with a brush of the teeth.
  • Replace your old inverter battery with branded:–Once your battery is old, dead, or inefficient, replace it with a Microtek branded battery right away. First, survey both online market and offline market, then buy the best long-lasting Microtek batteries.

How long will a tubular inverter battery last if there is no power cut at all?

The simple answer is that batteries can easily get damaged if you do not take care of it. The battery life of the flat plate is about three years, and the life span of the tubular battery is about 3 to 5 years.

How long does a Microtek Inverter battery last?

Microtek Inverter Batteries last for more than 3 years.

How to save electricity by maintaining Microtek Inverter Battery?

  • The first step, where possible, is to turn unnecessary electrical items off.
  • Look to fill all high output lights with low power bulbs.
  • Search for corrosion battery terminals. A certain amount of oxidation is reasonable, but heavy corrosion or white build-up of sulfates creates high resistance. It will shorten the lifetime of the inverter battery and reduce the power being delivered to essential equipment and give less run time.
  • For each electrical component, use the appropriate cable power. Inappropriate wiring raises the battery load by increasing the circuit's electrical resistance and decreases its lifetime.
  • There is a term called' phantom control,' which describes the electricity used when connected to electronic devices. Turn off and unplug these things at least until the power supply is restored.
  • If you have a heating system, minimize or shut off the temperature before power is restored.
  • If not required, turn off unwanted lights, fans, or other appliances.

Why are Microtek Tubular Batteries preferred in Inverter Application?

Each tubular battery is identical at the beginning, but clearly, not every tubular battery is the same. The distinction is the composition of the alloy in the positive support system and the casting of the central backbone plate called the SPINE.
A Microtek Tubular battery uses technology to cover the existing content in so-called polyester tubes instead of positioning it on the surface of the board. There is no rust, indicating long battery life. Tubular batteries can operate at extreme temperatures due to their durability and endurance and are used with regular and prolonged power outages in high-cycle applications.
Using Torr Tubular technology, Microtek tube batteries employ 100 bar high-pressure HADI casting process, whereas most other manufacturers use low-pressure casting processes. The spines are cast from low antimony lead alloy, selenium, copper, nickel, and arsenic in Microtek's tubular battery to protect the plum support from anodic corrosion.

How to maximize the backup of your inverter battery?

Although inverters battery supply electricity to several devices across the household, only devices that are currently required and not electronics that consume a lot of power to operate are the safe way to ensure that they provide more power. This may look like a small and easy solution, but most often, we use devices not needed during a power cut, which helps to drain the Inverter.
  • Another easy way to boost the backup of your inverter battery would be to use devices that consume less power. For example, energy-saving lamps would be used, like LEDs and CFLs. These use 75 percent less fuel than standard bulbs. High-quality copper wiring also helps to reduce resistance and draw less power when used for devices such as ceiling ventilators.
  • When using the tips above, you can make sure that your Inverter is also in the top shape.
  • If your Inverter wants water to be supplied, keep an eye on the water level. You should check it every two months and only use distilled water as it is unclean for the supplementation process.
Apart from already stated reasons, another way to extend the life of an inverter battery is to ensure that it is used correctly and only when appropriate. Standard practice should be to reduce the battery load when performing the same functions as a power supply.  The less strain on a battery, the longer it lasts before power is restored.

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