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Why To Shop With Moxikart
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Installation
  • Delivery in 1-3 Hours
  • Cash On Delivery
  • 100% Original Products
  • 100% Buyer Protection
  • Verified & Certified Installers

Car Batteries for All Car Makes & Models

Are you attaining difficulties in discovering the Best Car Battery for a specific model? Or are you striving hard to find the Car Battery Price?
If yes! You have come to the right place We at MoxiKart are pledged to make the life of people easy by providing Car batteries Online

Buy Car Battery Online

In this internet era, it is now possible to buy car batteries online in Delhi 24/7 with a single click. Moxikart.com is your best choice if you are looking for an online car battery dealer in Delhi for all major brands of car batteries at the lowest prices.

You can be sure that you get 100% genuine and branded car batteries online in Delhi at the best price on this website. Our website is very user-friendly. You can easily select the exact car battery that you need and order it.

You can make the payment on our website hassle-free. Moxikart has the largest network in the country that allows it to supply batteries in an express mode within 1-3 hours and offers the lowest price car batteries.

Currently, in some cities, we provide instant delivery and expand their network quickly. We plan to cover the whole of India to deliver batteries online, so if you can't get those car batteries in your city right now, it will soon be possible.

Why is Moxikart the best choice for online car batteries in Delhi?

MoxiKart.com is India's Number one multi-brand online battery shop with 100% genuine. We have a collection of batteries of different models. We also provide regular maintenance such as battery health inspection services for longer battery life and

unexpected failure prevention. Your confirmed orders will be delivered at your doorstep. Through various modes such as cash on delivery, electronic payment, and other UPI transactions like Phonepe, Google Pay, and PayTM, customers can pay for batteries. Battery purchase Select banks offer attractive EMI options.

Consumers can shop from top car brands such as Amaron, Exide, Sf Sonic, Livguard, Tata Green, Microtek, Okaya, Sukam and Luminous for genuine and reliable battery products online. Business trained professionals provide construction services.

In all major cities of India, MoxiKart offers car batteries, home ups or inverter and inverter batteries. The design appropriate for your car, along with its cost and warranty information and online order, can readily be found among automobile owners. MoxiKart aims at giving consumers who need to buy car batteries, and inverter & home UPS batteries. You can easily do a car Battery Price Comparision on our website

Indications Your Car Battery Is Dead

While the exact life span of a battery depends on the car and its condition, most cars require a new battery on average every four years. Most Manitobans who drive in winter for half a year may have a slightly shorter life span. At the turn of three years, be careful how your engine is running. It is essential to find the problem before it further affects your vehicle's health

In other words, batteries in new vehicles often do not show signs of failure. Therefore, it is a good idea to remember the rule for three to four years. Get your mechanic to check your battery for regular maintenance next time your vehicle is inside. And remember, all vehicle batteries are going to have to be replaced — there's, unfortunately, no way to avoid replacing your battery

There are a few primary warning signs that suggest that the life of your battery is coming to an end. The first aspect is the light that falls on your' test engine.' It usually means that your battery slows down, although it could also apply to the alternator of your car

Be careful of how your vehicle responds when it starts It is good to keep an eye on the health of your battery. So that you don't get stuck with a car that doesn't start in the middle of anywhere. Here are seven warning symptoms of the death of your car battery

Motor Cranks, but do not start

When you turn the key, but it does not start even when your motor snaps or spins, most likely culprit is your battery. It might be your engine, it could be something else, but 94 per cent of the time, it is your motor, even if the car is quite robust.

Also though an ammeter (current measuring device) says the battery is beautiful, it can still be several volts short of the output of your vehicle. When you have a car that will not turn hard enough to start, you will want to use jumper cables or a jump-starter to start it again.

When your car is running again, turn off your cable, and then allow the engine to run for 30 minutes to refill your battery again. After that half, an hour, take a small test when you stop at home or in a safe place.

After the engine is switched off, wait at least a minute and restart. Stay another minute, then continue again to make sure you're not stuck at or anywhere near the gas station.

Note: Some batteries will be charged from the alternator running and will be fine for one or two days. Note: Do not take that time. Use it to track down a new battery before you get stuck in the middle of the night.

No noise & no lights

It is quite simple to diagnose, and it is an even stronger sign that your battery is in the defect. Your battery drives all your car's accessories and lights, mainly if the alternator doesn't work. So, if your car only appears to be empty of all signs of life, your battery is the first thing to look at.

If the car doesn't crank or start, but the lighting is working, this could mean a more unusual problem, perhaps the starter or a mechanical problem in the engine.

It works on alternative days

it's a signal that either your battery terminals are loose, broke, corroded, or calcified, or you've got a parasitic draw (a gizmo drains your power, if it's supposed to be off or by some wire that doesn't). Check the battery cables first, since they are usually the main suspect and are easier to inspect.

Make sure the cables fit into the battery pads tightly and securely. Null play should be in them. You shouldn't even be able to grind them an inch when they're close. Make sure also that the cables that go to the terminals do not break or collapse; repair them as soon as possible if they are.

Parasitic drawings are quite common from sources other than battery cables. Suspect a parasite draw if the car starts right up if you drive it for a few days in a row, but you won't start if you let it sit down one day.

Why shop for car batteries with us?

The right battery is essential for the proper performance of your car. With modern car demands, today such as satellite radio and GPS in-cars, the battery of your car needs to be even more powerful. Start your search by using our online car battery website for the perfect replacement battery.

Select the brand, year, model, and battery type of your vehicle to see what choices we have for you. Our easy-to-use online app makes it easy for your car to find the right battery.
  • We are responsible for preventing oxidation, removing and installing batteries, and connecting wires for optimal performance.
  • We ensure the highest levels of safety during car battery installation and inspection
  • . What are you waiting for? Order Car Battery Online now

    Car battery replacement in Delhi

    The price of your battery varies depending on the model, design, and the makers of the battery. On average new vehicle batteries cost between 3000 INR and 15000 INR. Premium luxury vehicle batteries will cost up to 15000 INR. We Provide Free Delivery & Installation so Please remember that the prices cover installation charges or fees of the mechanic

    Does a new battery car need to be charged?

    The easy answer to this is no. If you buy a new car battery it will be fully charged. In the past, batteries used to dry out, and they had to be filled with acid by suppliers. However, this is no longer the case.

    What is the length of a battery?

  • Usually, batteries have a maximum life span of two or three years, although manufacturers say they last for five or more years. When someone sells you a prototype for a "super long life," hold your receipt and receive a guarantee. It is doubtful that your battery will last for as long as expected, mainly if you use your battery with a lot of accessories (not starting your car).

  • Optimally, every two and a half years or so, you should replace your battery before you have problems.

  • Other things can influence their lifespan, as batteries depend on other parts to do what they do. They require assistance from your alternator, starting the unit, solenoid, battery terminals (which must be clean and corrosion-free) and cables (which must be intact). Although the issue is often age only, as I suggest below, I must admit that it can be something else.

  • Even when a battery is old, its age will adversely affect the car. That's why I advise you to replace it before you have problems.

  • In the freezing weather, your standard battery does not work well, which can be why you have to pump the gas or turn your key back to prime your fuel pump or dance to start the truck or car on a chilly afternoon.

    Why Moxikart for Car battery in Delhi

    Our whole process is designed to be as easy as possible. Here are the essential factors that we promise to deliver to all customers.

    Free Delivery & Installation

    We provide free delivery on all orders. The best part about buying batteries from Moxikart.com is that installation will be done by an expert.

    Reliable & Authentic

    We sell authentic & trustworthy car batteries to our customers. We understand that the need for a new battery can arise anytime. And thus, we have come with this online shop to cater to your requirements with authenticity. You can rely on us from shopping to support.

    Reviewed & Trustworthy

    We are an empowered dealer of all major car battery brands that are in demand so that you can ensure that 100% authentic and branded products are purchased online from your car battery via Moxikart.com. We have the most extensive network in India that empowers us to deliver batteries instantly. We are currently offering instant delivery in confined cities to check for your home delivery in your city.

    We expand our network very quickly and will reach them very soon if we aren't available at the moment. We plan to cover all of India for the instant delivery of car batteries online.

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    Our Happy Customers
    Frequently Asked Questions
    • Do I receive charged batteries?

      The batteries you will be receiving will be completely charged. They will be ready to use the moment they are installed?

    • Is it possible to get the battery delivered according to my availability?

      Once the order has been placed, all you need to do is to sit and wait for your call that will be done by the verification manager to confirm every single detail of your order. The manager will also query about your availability. The battery is usually delivered within 2 to 4 hours from the time our manager has confirmed the order. But in case of some urgency, you can shift the time as per your convenience. Though it won’t be possible to deliver the order in the exact time mentioned due to some natural or unnatural occurrences like traffic or bad weather or maybe some sort of political disruption. Sometimes it depends on the availability of the product too. Please ensure that this provision is only applicable if you place your order before 5 in the evening. As it is not possible to deliver the order if you place the order after 5 PM.

    • Who takes care of the after sales service?

      Just like all the other products, the manufacturer of the battery takes care of the aftercare service. Once you buy a battery and notice some sort of problem within the warranty period, then contact the manufacturer of the battery, e.g. if you purchase an Exide battery and it needs to be checked then, contact the service centre of Exide right away.

    • Why is it essential to remove the ground wire first when replacing the battery?

      Before you start to replace the battery or merely clean the terminal, the first and foremost task of yours is to check out the grounding system of your car. If the ground system is negative and you try to remove the positive connector first then, it will result in a spark due to the use of a metal tool to remove the positive terminal connector that might have touched some metal part of the car. It can result in a battery explosion too. So, it is quite essential to remove the ground wire first.

    • How excessive heat affects the battery?

      Excessive heat results in the evaporation of water from electrolyte which further results in oxidising and weakening of the positive grid of the cells. Thus, we can say that extreme heat effects the longevity of the battery.

    • Is it okay to use the more powerful battery in my vehicle?

      There is nothing wrong with using a more powerful battery than specified. In fact, this enhances the performance of the vehicle.

    • What do you mean by Pro-rata warranty?

      Pro-rata is a partial warranty that is applied to non-repairable products like tires and batteries. If the product falls under pro-rata warranty then, in case of any damage, a partial price is needed to be paid and not the full amount. In case of replacement, the replaced product comes under the equal new warranty period, e.g. if your battery falls under pro-rata warranty period then, you will get a discount on the current price ofthe newly replaced battery, but all of it depends on the value of your battery. The pro-rata warranty starts from the date of purchase, e.g. if your battery has 24+24 (free of cost + pro-rata) and it fails in the 12th month then, 25% of your warranty period is over which will further be deducted from the value of the current price of the battery at that point of time. It will give you 75% discount on the MRP of the newly replaced battery.

    • Can driving habits lead to failure of the battery?

      Your driving habit is one of the primary reason for the failure of the battery. As per the leading manufacturers of luxury cars, maintaining a low charge and acid stratification are the leading causes for the failure of a battery. This problem is mostly found in luxury cars that offer high-power auxiliary options. It has frequently been noted in Japan where most of the new car owners complain about the failure of their car battery. Though, an average car in Japan has driven only 13 Km(s) per day, i.e. 8 miles.

    • How will I know that my battery order has been confirmed by moxikart?

      As soon as your order has been placed and the payment is done, a call will be done to you by our verification manager. The call will be regarding the confirmation, verification, shipping details, and availability of the customer. Once the call has been done, you will receive an e-mail with the details of the product and the estimated time of delivery. Thus, your order will be confirmed. The e-mail will have your order ID which will be used as a referral.

    • Which car battery best Exide or Amaron?

      Yes, we understand that it may be a tedious task to choose the right battery for the car. It perhaps a little bit harder to differentiate the Exide and Amaron batteries since both have a good quality equally. The price is also more or less similar so that you can choose the best warranty and hassle-free claim as a deciding factor to buy the better one for your car.

    • How can I maintain my car battery? Will there be any hidden charges like service tax for the battery purchase I make?

      Regular maintenance of batteries will extend the life span as well as performance. So cleaning your battery at proper time intervals will prevent corrosion or failures. And there are no hidden charges like services taxes or any other for the purchase of battery. You have to pay only the mentioned amount on the website.

    • How do I know my car battery is failing?

      Some signs which indicate that your car battery is failing are: • Heating of car cabin • Electrical devices in your car won’t function properly • Headlights will start to dim • Will face trouble to start your car

    • What are the causes of a weak car battery?

      No single reason affects the performance of your car battery. It is mandatory to know these reasons. It is because it helps to keep a check on the maintenance and increase the longevity of your car battery. The most common cause of all is rash driving. Overuse of the battery for air-conditioning, music system or lighting is also responsible.

    • How can I maintain my car battery?

      Proper maintenance of car battery enhances not only its performance but also its span. There are a few important things to keep in mind which helps in proper maintenance of a car battery. All you need to do is follow these because ignoring these may lead you to face serious issues. • Never fail to keep your battery clean. It prevents the battery from early corrosion. While cleaning, clean both battery surface as well as case. • In case of corrosion, clean the rust with the help of baking soda. • Keep a regular check on your battery to ensure there is no damage. Also, keep the charge full. Do not forget to clean the wires also that connects the battery. • Use lubricants like Vaseline or some other petroleum jelly to lubricate the battery cables. • If your car battery is in an excellent condition then, keep all the electronic devices off. • Ensure that the fluid level is always full so keep checking it in regular intervals.

    • Will there be any hidden charges like Service Tax for the battery purchase I make?

      The prices mentioned on the website are fixed and are inclusive of the taxes. There are no hidden charges like service taxes or any miscellaneous charges. The exact amount mentioned on the site has to be paid.

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