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Car Batteries
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Amaron Car Batteries

Moxikart.com is the leading car battery dealer in India. If you cannot find the right car battery for yourself, get in touch with Moxikart, and they will help you find the perfect battery. Well, if you have been wondering about which car battery would be the perfect one for your vehicle, know that Amaron car batteries might be one of the best choices to make. At Moxikart, you can find a wide range of car batteries, inverters, home UPS batteries, and more. Can you not find a battery for yourself? Well, before you proceed with that, you need to check with installation services and free delivery. And at Moxikart, we provide you all that.

But before proceeding with the car batteries, wouldn't you want to know why you should choose a car battery from Moxikart?

Why should you choose Moxikart to purchase Amaron car batteries?

Moxikart provides you a wide range of benefits, but some of the prominent reasons why you should choose Moxikart include the following.

Free Delivery and Installation

At Moxikart, we believe in providing complete customer satisfaction. As a result, we promise to offer you free delivery and installation. When you order Amaron car batteries from Moxikart, you won't need to worry about how you will install it. Our experts will not only provide free delivery but will also contribute towards installation.

Secure Payment

Moxikart provides complete secure payment. If you are confused about the payment issue, our expert professionals are always available over the call. Also, since it is a secure gateway, you don't need to be worried about the money being lost. We provide you a secure payment gateway to ensure trust and complete safety of the amount.

100% buyer protection

Whether you are buying products with us for the first time or you have been a buyer with us continuously, you need to be assured about buyer protection. At Moxikart, we provide you with buyer protection so that you don't face any inconvenience. Our 100% buyer protection ensures comprehensive insurance and security.

Brand New and 100% Original Products

At Moxikart, we provide a wide range of batteries for online websites. We offer batteries from brands such as Amaron, Exide, Okaya, Luminous, and more. Being one of the leading Amaron car battery dealers in Delhi, Moxikart provides batteries all around India. All you need to do is log in to our online website and find the compatible battery for your car.

Verified Suppliers and Certified Installers

Moxikart, compared to others, are certified suppliers and installers. We are certified installers and have received verification from the company, and the Amaron car battery price with us is very affordable too. So, if you are looking for something to fit in your range, then the Amaron battery for the car is undoubtedly one of the best choices to make.

At Moxikart, we provide a wide range of products, but the Amaron car batteries are sure one of the best choices to make. The Amaron car battery online is undoubtedly one of the best options to make. We provide complete finalization and categorization of the products for a better impact.

What to look for in Amaron car batteries?

Before you proceed to choose Amaron car battery for your vehicle, some of the prominent things to consider the following

Battery Size

Car batteries are available in different group sizes based on length, width, and height. If you haven't found yourself a battery size, you can check the owner's manual or consult the mechanic. The Amaron car battery is an effective one and available in different sizes. As a result, at Moxikart, we promise to ensure preventing dangers which may generally come over due to vibrations. Before supplying the battery to you, we make sure to thoroughly check the size and qualities so that you don't face any inconvenience.

Reserve capacity

Reserve capacity is an essential factor to consider while choosing the battery. Reserve capacity refers to the amount of time that the battery needs to run on power, giving up on engine and discharge. If your car battery has high reserve capacity, the car will be protected against different risks such as that of car engine failure, accidentally leaving lights on, and more. The Amaron car batteries are prominent ones with high reserve capacities, thereby proving to be an effective one.


The car battery Amaron is an extremely beneficial one, thereby proving to be helpful for support. The cells are usually available in two types- the low maintenance and maintenance-free type. Well, the Amaron battery is an effective one that requires deficient maintenance. When you get a battery from Moxikart, you won't need to worry about the maintenance. The small maintenance batteries will require the addition of distilled water occasionally for a better idea and for bringing about changes.


The warranty on the car battery matters on a significant basis. Whenever you are choosing the Amaron car battery, you need to consider the warranty, thereby bringing about free replacement. You should as well be checking for the prorated period. The prorated period of the Amaron battery for a car allows you to purchase the battery as a reimbursement for a certain period.

Battery Life

The battery life of the car matters as well. Whenever you are choosing the Amaron battery for the car, you should check for the battery life thoroughly. At Moxikart, we will allow you to check the battery life of the vehicle as per the specialist. Our specialists will eventually contribute to choosing a new battery and ensuring maintenance procedures.

Previous experience

Did you get a hold on the Amaron battery for a car? If you check the car batteries, you need to check your past experience with the battery company. You need to analyze the type for a better idea. If not personally, you can also consider the previous knowledge regarding the battery with that of your friends.

At Moxikart, you can be sure to receive genuine and high-quality products. If you haven't had a great experience with the battery, then probably there are chances that you didn't get hold on the right battery. It is for this reason that the performance of the battery should matter. Therefore, Amaron car batteries have faster performance and will eventually contribute towards the longevity of your vehicle.

How do you change a car battery?

Changing car batteries have always been a fuss. While most of it is mentioned in the manual, often you may find it tough to change it. Well, the installation of Amaron car batteries with Moxikart is straightforward. Although our experts will help you in installation and will take care of all the necessary steps, you might as well need to know about the car battery. Some of the prominent things to know about the car battery installation include the following

• The location of the car battery is mentioned in the manual itself. If you do not have an idea about where the car battery is, you can check the manual. While most car batteries are placed near to the engine, some might as well be behind the side or luggage compartment.

• Often batteries come with a battery blanket. If your car battery has a sheet, make sure to remove it before working with it.

• Since the battery terminal of the cars is often tight, you may need a spanner or socket to loosen the system for a better idea.

• After lifting the terminals, you need to put them aside to ensure the better and easy installation of the battery.

• Also, you need to remove the older existing battery from your vehicle.

• You can now install and tie the battery. Once the battery is linked, you need to ensure that the terminals are reconnected in the right order for a better idea.

FAQ related to the car battery

Before you proceed to purchase the car battery, you need to know specific facts about it too. At Moxikart, we believe in providing the best service. Well, to ease the process, we have got something figured out for you. Some of the prominent FAQ you should be aware of before you get your hands on the best Amaron car battery for your vehicle are mentioned here below.

What can I do to ensure the longevity of the car battery?

Although Amaron car batteries last for a long time, you need to be careful with it. It is often said that if you take care of things, they last, and indeed when you take good care of your car battery, they will last too. Some of the prominent things you should be following for increasing the longevity of the Amaron car battery include the following.

• At Moxikart, we provide you all the details regarding the Amaron car battery. As a result, you can be aware of the temperature and proceed to charge accordingly. Nonetheless, one of the critical things is to maintain the right voltage and procedure.

• You need to maintain the battery properly by the proper addition of distilled water. This will contribute towards keeping the battery wet and the plates covered always.

• You should attempt to keep the battery cool even in hot temperatures.

• Make sure to cut down on the charge-recharge cycle for better convenience.

• Recharge the batteries periodically to ensure better ways to desulfate it.

Should I remove the ground wire before replacing the battery and cleaning the terminals?

One of the main things that have often been said is to check the grounding system of the vehicle. You need to be extremely careful about the connectors you remove. If your vehicle's grounding system is a positive one and you disconnect the negative connector first, it can eventually be problematic as it increases the risk of sparking. Also, there is a connection between the two different terminals; it can be a problem too. Not taking care of the battery also ensures that the cell explodes too soon. As a result, you need to remove the ground source so that there is no risk of any damage.

Will hot temperatures damage my car battery?

Often people have questioned about hot temperatures damaging the car battery. Although, the warm temperature does not destroy the car battery, it does deteriorate the lifespan to some extent. Too much of the heat will make the water of the battery to evaporate quickly from the electrolyte. This will eventually lead to the corroding and weakening of the positive grids.

How do I know my battery needs replacement?

Often people are confused to determine whether their battery needs replacement or not. At Moxikart, we promise to provide a high-quality battery. As a result, if your old battery needs replacement, you can always get in touch with us.

As far as battery replacement is concerned, if your car doesn't start does not necessarily mean you need to replace it. In such a case, you will need to carry out troubleshooting. At Moxikart, we will conduct a battery charge test for you. This will help you determine whether your older battery is in the proper condition or not. If not, you can surely find Amaron car batteries for your convenience at Moxikart.

Should I water before or after charging the battery?

One confusion often customer have had is whether they should add water before charging the battery or after it. Well, experts at Moxikart suggest adding the water before loading, this will contribute towards the mixing of acid with the create water bubbles. Also, during the charging process, your battery will not consume much water based on the modern charging changing. Also, most of the sealed batteries recycle the water, so there is no way through which you can replace it.

Shall I disconnect the battery before charging?

Although it is not necessary to disconnect the battery before charging, you may as well prefer doing for safety. If the charging is going on, there is absolutely no necessity of discharging the alternate one. However, there may be some voltage spike, known as load dump surge.

At Moxikart, we promise to provide 100% reliable and authentic products. The Amaron car battery price list is present online on Moxikart.com. Make sure to check it and get your hands-on genuine products.

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Do I receive charged batteries?

    The batteries you will be receiving will be completely charged. They will be ready to use the moment they are installed?

  • Is it possible to get the battery delivered according to my availability?

    Once the order has been placed, all you need to do is to sit and wait for your call that will be done by the verification manager to confirm every single detail of your order. The manager will also query about your availability. The battery is usually delivered within 2 to 4 hours from the time our manager has confirmed the order. But in case of some urgency, you can shift the time as per your convenience. Though it won’t be possible to deliver the order in the exact time mentioned due to some natural or unnatural occurrences like traffic or bad weather or maybe some sort of political disruption. Sometimes it depends on the availability of the product too. Please ensure that this provision is only applicable if you place your order before 5 in the evening. As it is not possible to deliver the order if you place the order after 5 PM.

  • Who takes care of the after sales service?

    Just like all the other products, the manufacturer of the battery takes care of the aftercare service. Once you buy a battery and notice some sort of problem within the warranty period, then contact the manufacturer of the battery, e.g. if you purchase an Exide battery and it needs to be checked then, contact the service centre of Exide right away.

  • Why is it essential to remove the ground wire first when replacing the battery?

    Before you start to replace the battery or merely clean the terminal, the first and foremost task of yours is to check out the grounding system of your car. If the ground system is negative and you try to remove the positive connector first then, it will result in a spark due to the use of a metal tool to remove the positive terminal connector that might have touched some metal part of the car. It can result in a battery explosion too. So, it is quite essential to remove the ground wire first.

  • How excessive heat affects the battery?

    Excessive heat results in the evaporation of water from electrolyte which further results in oxidising and weakening of the positive grid of the cells. Thus, we can say that extreme heat effects the longevity of the battery.

  • Is it okay to use the more powerful battery in my vehicle?

    There is nothing wrong with using a more powerful battery than specified. In fact, this enhances the performance of the vehicle.

  • What do you mean by Pro-rata warranty?

    Pro-rata is a partial warranty that is applied to non-repairable products like tires and batteries. If the product falls under pro-rata warranty then, in case of any damage, a partial price is needed to be paid and not the full amount. In case of replacement, the replaced product comes under the equal new warranty period, e.g. if your battery falls under pro-rata warranty period then, you will get a discount on the current price ofthe newly replaced battery, but all of it depends on the value of your battery. The pro-rata warranty starts from the date of purchase, e.g. if your battery has 24+24 (free of cost + pro-rata) and it fails in the 12th month then, 25% of your warranty period is over which will further be deducted from the value of the current price of the battery at that point of time. It will give you 75% discount on the MRP of the newly replaced battery.

  • Can driving habits lead to failure of the battery?

    Your driving habit is one of the primary reason for the failure of the battery. As per the leading manufacturers of luxury cars, maintaining a low charge and acid stratification are the leading causes for the failure of a battery. This problem is mostly found in luxury cars that offer high-power auxiliary options. It has frequently been noted in Japan where most of the new car owners complain about the failure of their car battery. Though, an average car in Japan has driven only 13 Km(s) per day, i.e. 8 miles.

  • How will I know that my battery order has been confirmed by moxikart?

    As soon as your order has been placed and the payment is done, a call will be done to you by our verification manager. The call will be regarding the confirmation, verification, shipping details, and availability of the customer. Once the call has been done, you will receive an e-mail with the details of the product and the estimated time of delivery. Thus, your order will be confirmed. The e-mail will have your order ID which will be used as a referral.

  • Which car battery best Exide or Amaron?

    Yes, we understand that it may be a tedious task to choose the right battery for the car. It perhaps a little bit harder to differentiate the Exide and Amaron batteries since both have a good quality equally. The price is also more or less similar so that you can choose the best warranty and hassle-free claim as a deciding factor to buy the better one for your car.

  • How can I maintain my car battery? Will there be any hidden charges like service tax for the battery purchase I make?

    Regular maintenance of batteries will extend the life span as well as performance. So cleaning your battery at proper time intervals will prevent corrosion or failures. And there are no hidden charges like services taxes or any other for the purchase of battery. You have to pay only the mentioned amount on the website.

  • How do I know my car battery is failing?

    Some signs which indicate that your car battery is failing are: • Heating of car cabin • Electrical devices in your car won’t function properly • Headlights will start to dim • Will face trouble to start your car

  • What are the causes of a weak car battery?

    No single reason affects the performance of your car battery. It is mandatory to know these reasons. It is because it helps to keep a check on the maintenance and increase the longevity of your car battery. The most common cause of all is rash driving. Overuse of the battery for air-conditioning, music system or lighting is also responsible.

  • How can I maintain my car battery?

    Proper maintenance of car battery enhances not only its performance but also its span. There are a few important things to keep in mind which helps in proper maintenance of a car battery. All you need to do is follow these because ignoring these may lead you to face serious issues. • Never fail to keep your battery clean. It prevents the battery from early corrosion. While cleaning, clean both battery surface as well as case. • In case of corrosion, clean the rust with the help of baking soda. • Keep a regular check on your battery to ensure there is no damage. Also, keep the charge full. Do not forget to clean the wires also that connects the battery. • Use lubricants like Vaseline or some other petroleum jelly to lubricate the battery cables. • If your car battery is in an excellent condition then, keep all the electronic devices off. • Ensure that the fluid level is always full so keep checking it in regular intervals.

  • Will there be any hidden charges like Service Tax for the battery purchase I make?

    The prices mentioned on the website are fixed and are inclusive of the taxes. There are no hidden charges like service taxes or any miscellaneous charges. The exact amount mentioned on the site has to be paid.

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