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About Exide Inverter Batteries

Are you planning to buy Exide batteries online? Visit Moxikart and get more information about battery characteristics, price, and more.

Exide is one of the prestige names in the inverter battery. It is now more than a 100-year-old company, which had quite a few alterations in naming and businesses. Started just as an importer, Exide now has seven manufacturing plants in India with others in Sri Lanka and Singapore. Exide is the biggest manufacturer of the battery in the subcontinent producing the broadest range of storage batteries from 2.5Ah to 20,200Ah size for the most extensive scope of use. This technology includes inverter batteries, automobile batteries, industrial batteries, submarine batteries, and solar batteries. In reality, it is the only brand that supplies batteries to the Indian Navy. While batteries are the critical forte of Exide, the company has also ventured into the UPS segment with the establishment of the Home UPS plant in Roorkee a few years back. In this post, we will go into the specifics of popular inverter and inverter battery technology that the new Exide products come with.

Types of Exide Inverter Batteries

Exide inverter batteries are available in two types–tubular inverter and flat plate inverter. The tubular inverter batteries are manufactured using a technology that sets the active material on the surface of the plate in polyester tubes known as "gauntlets." It increases the strength and reliability of the battery. The Flat Plate Inverter batteries need no electrical maintenance, are fitted with a high-pressure ventilation system, enhanced recharge capacity, low self-discharge, etc. You also have the convenience of selecting your battery according to VA Score, Ampere Time, and even measure your requirement before buying when you buy an online Exide inverter battery at Moxikart.com.

Buy Exide Inverter Batteries with Moxikart

Here you can get full information on the Exide inverter batteries, such as its size, power, features, warranty, and ampere rating, on Moxikart.com. All batteries sold by Moxikart are 100% genuine and come with the manufacturer's guarantee card so that you can relax and enjoy Exide Inverter Batteries ' complimentary home delivery and installation.

Since March 2014 on, the Exide(Go Green Environment Initiative) may not provide the physical warranty card for a few Exide battery models. The details of the battery are printed on a sticker over the battery head. Customers can sign their battery for hassle-free warranty claims on the Exide official website. If there is a warranty argument, the bill/invoice is also valid.

Exide Inverter Batteries Price in Delhi

Exide is unquestionably one of the most sought-after names in the inverters & batteries segment. Put your faith in Exide and purchase a combination of Exide battery for home after sorting the list based on particular critical parameters. The price is the first crucial factor for buyers.

The Exide inverter battery price in Delhi is last updated on 31st December 2019. Go for the latest Exide inverter tubular battery if you want to have a low maintenance cost as well as the efficiency. These maintenance-free inverter batteries from Exide are the only answer to beat the heat during the power cuts. Purchase an Exide Inva smart inverter battery for higher life and efficiency. Exide champion inverter battery is another model that comes with a flat plate battery and is designed for a power-packed performance. Exide batteries are not dry cell batteries but are wet cells that are rechargeable.

Buy Exide Inverter Battery Online

Exide Inverter batteries are designed to be used extensively under severe conditions. They come in a range of models to meet different power requirements and operating circumstances. Exide Industries and Exide Automotive are the leading suppliers of inverter batteries in India. Exide inverter battery is much larger, robust, and can withstand high temperatures. Each Exide Inverter battery comes with a charged plant, and the battery is easy to maintain.

The largest brand of Indian batteries also has the broadest range Inverter batteries. Exide recognizes that different users in India have different needs, which is why Exide has an Inverter battery for you, no matter what you want. Similar to other inverter battery price, it has value for money for those of you who seldom have power cuts. It has heavy-duty, tubular batteries for those of you who need these long and constant power cuts. There is also a wide range of Sealed Maintenance Free (SMF) batteries for online UPS systems and UPS mobile computers. You can't just go wrong with an Exide.

Commonly lead-acid batteries designed for inverter applications are needed to ensure the availability of continuous and adjusted power supply during a power failure or input voltage drop. You can call Exide Helpline number: 1800 103 5454 in the case of a guarantee and support problem. Powerwale is fitted with a variety of Exide Inva Tubular, Inva Master, Invaplus, and Insta Brite while purchasing Exide online inverter batteries. Within 2-4 hours of order placement, we sell all Exide Inverter batteries at some of the best prices.

Exide Provides a selection of advanced tube inverter batteries with proven efficiency and long service life: ideal for every need Starting from 88AH to 230AH Affordable Inverter Battery Price for each budget.

Before Buying Exide Inverter Battery Online Guide with FAQ

It can be challenging to choose an inverter battery for those of us who do not know what power and which battery to purchase. Exide inverter battery 150AH with a higher capacity offers a longer backup time, but at the same time, it's more costly than a less than 100AH battery with a longer charge. A battery with a more extended warranty period will also be priced above lower warranty batteries. If you are looking for the best Exide inverter battery, log in to Moxikart.com, where we have a powerful computer to find the best battery capacity for your requirements. You will also find all the details you need to facilitate your decision.

  • What is my UPS / Inverter Voltage? What is my inverter/ups watts / VA?
  • How much backup time is needed for my house that includes your load details like three fans + 2 Tube lights + 1 TV, etc. during the Power cuts

    Once you got the above answers for the above question, you should ask inverter battery supplier, what is the pro-rata warranty for the Inverter Battery. What is the battery life cycle, size, help, and so on?

    Moxikart has a whole variety of batteries for you from Exide Inverter. We sell all Exide batteries at some of the lowest prices and pledge to ship your battery in within 1 to 2 hours. All Exide inverter batteries are 100% genuine and are guaranteed by the manufacturer.

    Moxikart has a range of high-quality Inverter batteries from Exide to suit your needs. You can pay using a credit card, debit card, net banking, and EMI. So if you are looking for the Buy Exide Inverter battery online at the best price, log on to Moxikart.com. You will also find all the information you need to make your decision all that much easier.

    How to maintain the Exide Inverter Batteries?

    We can't stay disconnected from our smartphones even for a few seconds in these days of technologically advanced gadgets. Nevertheless, power cuts are a major issue that must be tackled on a regular basis. Such challenges can last for hours on end and can lead to a great deal of frustration.

    Luckily, there are solutions that can provide considerable power for all available electronic devices. Inverters are the solution to long-lasting power needs while being robust and long-term cost-effective.

    While we need little maintenance for inverter batteries, we still need some maintenance for them. Following these tips for maintenance of the inverter battery guarantees longer product life and optimal power output for all your needs:

    Store the battery in an open space

    A lot of power is generated by inverter batteries, but they also heat up when charged or used. To ensure that heat dissipates easily from the battery, it is advisable to keep these inverter batteries in an open / air location.

    Keep the inverter apart from fires and smoke

    It is recommended to keep these inverter batteries in a safe space, away from fire or smoke. The batteries could get affected by this leading to unnecessary sparks and safety hazards.

    Consume the Inverter battery regularly
    It should be used frequently to ensure the charging of the inverter battery. Even if there is no power cut for a significant amount of time, the battery should be drained at least once a month and then recharged to full capacity.

    Take care of the terminals

    Before this step is taken, the battery should be removed from the inverter and appropriate measures should be taken.

    Using petroleum jelly on these terminals is also recommended to keep them corrosion-free.

    Few more Exide Inverter battery maintenance tips:

    Only fill the inverter battery with distilled water

    Make sure the battery surface is neat
    The inverter battery surface must be kept clean and free of dust and other impurities. The best way to do this is by using a cotton cloth on the surface of the battery.

    Assure proper charging of devices

    Ensuring inverter batteries ' top-level performance is simple if the battery maintenance tips above are followed. If you are unsure of how to manage on-site inverter batteries, you can seek professional assistance.

    With our quality products and services, Moxikart is always happy to help you. You can ask any queries through visiting the Contact Us section of the Moxikart website.

    How long does an Exide Inverter battery last?

    Why Exide Tubular Batteries are preferred in Inverter Application?

    All tubular batteries are similar in the beginning, but not all tubular batteries are obviously the same. The difference lies in the alloy composition in the positive support structure, as well as in the casting of the plates ' main backbone, called the SPINE.

    Exide tubular batteries use the high-pressure' HADI' casting process at 100 bar with the aid of Torr Tubular technology, while most other manufacturers use low-pressure casting process gravity. The spines in the tubular batteries of Exide are cast from low antimony lead alloy with selenium, copper, nickel, and arsenic to protect the lead support from anodic corrosion.

    An analysis of scanning electron microscope (SEM) shows the variations between devices using gravity or low-pressure casting, as well as those using' HADI' casting.

    How to maximize the backup of your inverter battery?

  • Using devices that consume less power would be another simple way to increase the backup of your inverter battery. For starters, energy-saving bulbs such as LEDs and CFLs would be used. Compared to regular bulbs, they use 75 percent less fuel. For devices such as ceiling fans, high-quality copper wiring also helps to reduce resistance and draw less power when used.

  • While using the tips above will increase your inverter's power backup, you should make sure your inverter is also in top shape.
  • If your inverter needs water to top up, keep an eye out for the level of water. You can test the same every two months and use only distilled water as it is free of any impurities for the top-up process.

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