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Inverter Batteries
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Why To Shop With Moxikart
  • Free Shipping
  • Free Installation
  • Delivery in 1-3 Hours
  • Cash On Delivery
  • 100% Original Products
  • 100% Buyer Protection
  • Verified & Certified Installers

The most significant part of the inverter is the inverter batteries. The performance of your inverter depends directly on the power and efficiency of your inverter battery.
Moxikart.com is an authorized dealer of all significant inverter battery brands, where you can buy inverter batteries online at the lowest price possible. Our goal is to provide the most comprehensive online range of genuine and branded inverter batteries with the free delivery option in India.

Buy Inverter Battery Online in Delhi NCR

The inverter has become a modern-day need in every home, as power cuts are widespread in India, and no one can survive without power supply. So if you're frustrated with frequent power cuts in your city, it's the perfect time for you to buy inverter batteries online. We are one of the preeminent online inverter battery dealers in India, selling all varieties of inverter batteries online at the lowest price.

We deliver the inverter battery free of charge, and the customer can pay in cash after delivery. Our delivery executive will also install it with no additional cost, but you only have to pay for the other equipment, wires, or switches that are required in your home.
Due to the power struggles that all of us face, inverters have now become a must-have. These power products not only present electricity backup during power cuts but also protect your expensive electrical devices & appliances from damage caused by fluctuations. You can buy from a wide range of inverter batteries at Moxikart.com. We only offer a branded, 100% genuine, and high-quality inverter battery at affordable prices, so you can buy it without any worry.

What brands do we deal with?

You can choose from brands such as:
  1. Amaron Inverter Batteries
  2. Luminous Inverter Batteries
  3. Okaya Inverter Batteries
  4. Exide Inverter Batteries
  5. SF Sonic Inverter Batteries
  6. Microtek Inverter Batteries
  7. Sukam Inverter Batteries
  8. TataGreen Inverter Batteries
  9. Livguard Inverter Batteries

Best Inverter Batteries

Don't you feel disconnected from the outside world when unexpected power blackouts strike and leave you in the dark for a while or for a more extended period of time? I'm sure anybody would. In today's scenario, inverters have become an essential household item regardless of the size of the family. For an inverter, its battery is the most significant part of the setup of the inverter. They play a significant role in judging the performance of the inverter. In this regard, Moxikart hosts a wide range of inverter batteries of varying capacities and prices that you can choose according to your power backup requirements.

We have a wide range of Inverter batteries from leading brands like Luminous, Exide, Amaron, and so on, offering excellent features and superior technology. You can buy inverter batteries that promise extraordinary backup power at a high price rate. The batteries are so powerful and efficient that they last for hours providing uninterrupted electricity for homes of any size and size.

Moxikart offers inverter batteries that are known for their long-lasting nature and impeccable performance under any circumstances. Their cutting edge vent design will keep your home lit during uninvited power cuts. At our portal, you'll find inverter batteries with capacities ranging from 100-150 Ah and 151-200 Ah, which you'll need to consider depending on your backup needs.

Now, get rid of all your power-cutting concerns! Continue to work at home or in the office without any interruption or inconsistent power supply. With its robust grid design, stunning efficiency, long operating life, the inverter batteries in our portal are performing well in heavy-duty areas. Keep the darkness at bay, buy high-quality inverter batteries, and guarantee at reasonable prices. With so many amazing deals and massive cashback offers, Moxikart online shopping is a treat for shopping enthusiasts.

The tubular batteries that are available on our portal require less maintenance and are delivered flawlessly for a long time. You may also like to explore flat plate batteries that come with extra thick plates that are suitable for charging. Moxikart has a hand-picked selection of portable Inverter batteries at an incredible price range. These can be moved from one place to another with ease of use and are quieter than before.
Moxikart has so much to offer when it comes to Batteries. You may also like to explore our other categories, such as car batteries, inverter batteries, inverter and battery combo, and inverter and home UPS, you can check our web www.moxikart.com to buy any of the above mentioned batteries.

The best part about Moxikart is that, we provide batteries from renowned brands like Exide, Amaron, SF Sonic, Luminous, Microtek, Okaya and many more.
What's more, huh? Our crazy deals, discounts and cashback offers will leave you spoiled for choice. Shop with Moxikart and enjoy the benefits of a variety of money-saving deals & offers and save extra!

So, pick up an inverter battery for you from Moxikart.com and bring it home today!

Why buy Inverter Batteries from Moxikart?

Moxikart is based in the city of Delhi. We have a team of specialized solar, battery, and inverter consultants with around 20 years of experience in the Battery and Ups industry. Moxikart is the only Ecommerce company to provide a complete solution for Solar, Battery, and Inverter / Ups at the customer door with manufacturer's warranty in Delhi & Ncr and across India. We are specialized in off-grid and on-grid solar power plants and consultants for the production of solar panels. We deal with only 100 percent of Genuine Products and make it easy for our customers to buy batteries.

Moxikart deals with the whole range of best car battery, best inverter battery, ups Smf Vrla battery, best solar inverter, we deliver 100% genuine batteries. Moxikart is the only platform where customers can get all the top brands on one site, such as TATA Green, SF Sonic, Exide, Amaron, Quanta, Sukam, Microtek, and Luminous, V Guard. Moxikart provides free home delivery and services such as installation and AMC of all kinds of products.

We are dedicated to delivering all products to major cities in India.

Best Inverter batteries in India are an excellent option for those who need backup power in homes and offices. Our country still has a problem with providing uninterrupted power, especially to some of the smaller cities, and the need for an inverter is, therefore, vital if you need to use certain appliances even during power outages.

The days of going to a dealership, comparing prices and models, and then buying them are long-lasting, and you can now purchase inverter batteries online in India by clicking a few buttons.
Choosing the type and size of the inverter battery for your use can be done online through different portals, and you're sure to save a lot of time.
Although many of us prefer to go to a traditional brick and mortar shop, buying inverter batteries online has its advantages.
  • No need to travel: Instead of going to several stores for your inverter batteries, you can do the same thing now in the comfort of your home without spending hours moving from one point to another.
  • Easily compare models: One of the most critical aspects of buying any product is a thorough investigation of what suits you best. This, too, can be done thanks to several websites available on the internet, and you can find out which inverter battery brand would be best suited for you.
  • Read reviews & decide: Another significant aspect of online shopping is that you can read reviews of the inverter batteries you're interested in from previous customers. Most shopping sites have a user feedback/review section that gives you a great idea of the inverter you might want to purchase, saving you a lot of time and energy.
  • Various payment options: Due to robust online payment gateways, you can take up several payment options.
  • Quick delivery: Delivery is also made easier; delivery is free of charge and installation of the product without any additional fees.
  • Warranties: We also provide an official warranty on any product sold. You don't need to visit the store, and all the paperwork and details can be done with a few clicks without even moving away from your location.

Inverter Batteries Online Shopping

Buying an inverter battery online in India has undoubtedly become easier over the years, and buying an Exide inverter in India is free of charge thanks to their "Buy Online" page. Moxikart also allows users to sell their old inverter batteries when they purchase a new one, ensuring proper use and disposal of the unit.

Inverter Battery for Home

An inverter battery in India is crucial to anyone who needs continuous power, whether at home or in the office, and Moxikart has the perfect range of options to meet all your needs. Save time, effort, and money, and buy your next inverter battery online.
  1. Search using the Search bar
Search for the batter models – brand wise, battery using the search bar.
  1. Find similar products
Once you've found a product that you like, give yourself a chance to make up your mind by seeing all the other related products to make a smart purchase decision. See the icon that looks like three rectangles fanned out of here? Tap that, and you're going to see a plethora of products just like the one you liked. You can go through products using filters to specify style, color, size, brand, and options. You can also search the products by relevance, price range, and popularity, making it much easier to hone the ideal product. Take your time to scroll through the list until you find the one you're looking for. You should check the user reviews, seller ratings, and read the description before making your final decision.
  1. Add to cart and pay
Have you made up your mind? Now all you require to do is tap the cart icon that will save your choice in the cart until you have finished browsing. If you want to make a payment and check out, just click the cart icon on the top, and you'll be taken to the billing page. If you want to buy it right away, tap the orange BUY NOW button on the bottom right. Once you are done with it, you will be asked to log in if you don't already have it, and then you will be asked for your delivery address. After that, you'll be taken to the payment page where you can choose to pay by Delivery Cash, Debit or Credit Card, Net Banking, or even RuPay. Choose which payment option you like; you can also choose to store your card details on the secure payment page so that you can shop safely on the go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy an inverter battery for the lowest price in India?

You can buy inverter batteries online at the lowest price in India at Moxikart.com, which offers a variety of sales, deals, and discounts to give you the best available inverter battery price.

How do I choose the right inverter battery for my home?

First of all, know your power requirements for how much electricity your electrical appliances consume after power is cut. Just call us, and our inverter battery expert will suggest the right inverter battery for your home.

Can the air conditioner be running on the inverter?

Yes, the air conditioner can be operated on the inverter. The capacity required to run the AC of the inverter battery depends on the size of your air conditioner and the power consumed by your AC.

Should I buy an online inverter battery? If yes, where is it from?

Yes, you can purchase an inverter battery online from Moxikart.com. Genuine inverter battery is provided online with original warranty at a discounted price. We offer a wide range of inverter batteries of every brand with a 100% product warranty.

Why are we using distilled water for the inverter battery?

Each Inverter battery has internal plates that are covered with water. During operation, water undergoes a chemical reaction and breaks into hydrogen and oxygen gas. These gasses evaporate from the battery, and the water level drops so that the plates are no longer covered with water.

Distilled water does not contain any dissolved minerals, salts, organic or inorganic compounds that may harm the battery. Battery manufacturers, therefore, recommend using distilled water for better performance and longer battery life.

What are the five useful tips to take care of your inverter battery?

  • Always use an adequately ventilated inverter battery area. The inverter battery is heated during charging and operation, and the airy place reduces the heating of the battery.
  • Use the battery regularly, if there is no power cut, discharge the battery thoroughly once a month and then recharge it completely.
  • Ensure that the water level of the battery is maintained, check the water level of the battery every two months. Use distilled water only.
  • Blocked exhaust leads to hydrogen gas accumulation, which may cause an inverter battery to burst.
  • Keep your inverter battery terminal corrosion and rust-free. If the terminals are corroded, pour hot water with baking soda solution into the corrosive area, or use a toothbrush for cleaning. After removal of corrosion, apply petroleum jelly to the terminal to avoid future corrosion.
  • Luminous Inverters and Home UPS Systems Customer Care Toll Free No :1800 103 3039 and 1860 500 3939
  • Amaron Inverters and Home UPS Systems Customer Care Toll Free No :1800 4254848
  • Digi-Power Inverters and Home UPS System Customer Care No :016 2211 800
  • Microtek Inverters and Home UPS Systems Customer Care No :011-42733333/ 011-42733377
  • Su-kam Inverters and Home UPS Systems Customer Care Toll Free No :1800 102 4423
  • Base Inverters and Home UPS Systems Customer Care Toll Free No :9810136524
  • Exide Inverters and Home UPS Systems Care Toll Free No :1800 103 5454
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