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Genset Battery
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Genset Battery

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Genset batteries are very compact reliable and cost saver. These batteries have been designed especially for the generator starting application. They do offer a different technology from the generally used conventional lead-acid batteries which are easily available in the market. These are equipped with pure lead-tin alloy technology which grants less corrosion, higher life and in turn deliver more energy for their size and weight and perform better in cold as well as in the hot weather. Performance of genset batteries is very much critical to the performance of other conventional flooded batteries which require timely maintenance. It is just not feasible to provide such care & maintenance at industrial sites and field level.

These are the most appropriate batteries which are designed in very specific manner in such a way that shows all the prerequisites construction Industries. These are maintenance free batteries which are based on cutting-edge technology. These are extra power-packed batteries and are available with exclusive features to meet the critical conditions. They do posses a 2 years warranty and are available in the market easily as well as online on many websites. is one of the top multi brand online genset battery store in India which deals with 100% original and genuine product and offers you to buy genset battery online at the lowest price. These batteries do posses some extraordinary features which make it compatible for generator, these are as below Features:

  • Genset battery is based on thin plate technology that means it delivers higher starting current with smaller AH capacity which in turn results in a smaller battery which is easily to carry and afford.
  • These batteries are very much reliable due to which its high power capability for guaranteed starting.
  • Its maintenance is almost free. As neither there is battery topping up nor any particular gravity checks is required.
  • These batteries are ready to use, compact and lightweight which are the best features making it easily handling.
  • Genset is very cost effective. It comes in lower cost of ownership.
  • Its high charge retention with the capability to perform even under every condition.