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About Luminous Inverter Batteries

Are you thinking of buying Luminous Inverter batteries online? Visit Moxikart to find the best Luminous Inverter battery & compare the Luminous battery price.
Buying at Moxikart online is safe and convenient with multiple options of payment, such as Cash On Delivery, EMI, Debit Card, Credit Card, Net Banking, UPI, and Wallets. We also offer exclusive battery swap deals and provide standard product Installation for selected goods at a nominal cost. All Luminous items purchased here come with Luminous Trust and have a fantastic after-sales service guarantee.

Types of Luminous Inverter Batteries

Luminous is a famous brand in India's power backup industry. One of the most popular power backup systems in the current market is the Luminous Inverter Battery. The utility illuminated hundreds of homes during the load shedding.
People tend to look for alternatives with a hot and humid atmosphere that can help them run at least ceiling fans during a power shortage. This is when the most working of the Luminous Power Inverters.
Based on the kind of technology the battery uses for its lifetime, luminous inverters batteries can be graded. It includes such parts as;
1. Tubular batteries
The next enhanced version of flat plate batteries is tubular batteries. It has a long battery life of up to five years, a relatively low maintenance performance due to deep charging cycles. The only reason is they are pricey, costing between Rs. 9,000 to Rs. 25,000. The positive plate is replaced with a tube and covered by a cloth because of its flexibility and long battery life. It's called a Tubular battery because of this tube.
2. Flat Plate batteries
These are batteries of first-generation and also the most common batteries. It's a kind of battery of plum acid. There are two electrodes, one of which is lead and the other is plum dioxide. The batteries on a flat plate are lightweight and we are the cheapest. The flat plate battery price depends on the capacity of the battery, between Rs. 9,000 and Rs. 15,000.
Luminous power inverter Batteries have some of the following characteristics that make them stand out.
Battery Capacity: The Luminous Inverters use smart technology and have batteries with different capacity levels from 60 Ah to more than 120 Ah. You can select the one that is best suited to your home power needs.
Running Load Capacity: The number of appliances or machines you want to operate using the backup power should be determined first and foremost. A regular 120 Ah battery luminous inverter can help you power two ceiling fans, two CFLs, two tube lights, one water cooler, and one television. 
Warranty: Most Luminous inverter batteries come with a minimum 30-and 60-month warranty period.  Luminous is a reliable brand on the market after sale facilities. The company sends its specialist technicians at regular intervals to the customers ' residences to test and repair the inverter-battery combination. This increases the lifetime of the inverters of luminous power.
Some of the Luminous Inverters batteries have other prominent features that make them distinct, among others include;· Hour and minute backup time display· MCB protection· Hassle-free water level maintenance Inverters are generally larger than most home appliances and other electronic devices. An inverter is an automatic machine, and a separate entity is a battery. Both need to be kept at home in a safe and secure spot, possibly close to an electrical port to plug in and charge the battery when not in use.
The Luminous inverter Battery price in Delhi is affordable even with advanced technology in use. Don't wait until the power goes off and buy your Luminous inverter Battery today.

Buy Luminous Inverter Batteries with Moxikart

If you're planning about purchasing Luminous inverter batteries and wondering where to purchase them from, then buying them from Moxikart.com is perfect. Try to experience battery online shopping for the Luminous Inverters Batteries as you can land on the best deal and save money. Not only is the Luminous Inverter battery quality inverter is of low cost in India, but it also offers facilities such as free home delivery. If you're not sure how to use your Luminous Inverter battery and inverter package, the product specifications for each of the models are listed along with the pictures that can help you understand the product completely. Read the reviews of the Luminous inverter battery at Moxikart.com and learn the model's pros and cons.
At Moxikart, you can get full data on the Luminous inverter Batteries, such as its size, power, features, warranty, and ampere rating. All batteries sold by Moxikart are 100% authentic and come with the manufacturer's guarantee card so that you can relax and enjoy Luminous Inverter Batteries free home delivery and installation.

Luminous Inverter Batteries Price in Delhi

In cities with a common problem of power cuts, having an inverter is mandatory. Inverters help not only stabilize your electronic devices during power failures but also provide temporary relief, especially when a fan is continuously working during the hot weather. Luminous is one of the most prestigious brands when it comes to inverters and batteries that provide your converters with secure and reliable functioning. With Luminous inverter batteries, you can work well with your primary electronic devices, including fans, lights, TV, etc.

Buy Luminous Inverter Battery Online

India is a country where its electricity supply in major cities and towns is regularly interrupted. While some cities are facing regular power failures that last from 2 and 4 hours, small towns have to go without electricity daily for as long as 8 hours. This is the main reason why the Luminous inverters Batteries on the market are in enormous demand.

Key Features of Luminous Inverter Batteries

Luminous Inverter batteries are super fast to recharge and it comes with 20% more electrolyte. These batteries are best suited for areas that undergo frequent and long power cuts.
Some of the key features of Luminous Inverter batteries are mentioned below:
  • It has a long life.
  • It requires low maintenance.
  • It has a rugged container.
  • It is recyclable

Before Buying Luminous Inverter Battery Online Guide with FAQ

Moxikart has a range of high-quality Inverter batteries from Luminous to suit your needs. You can pay using a credit card, debit card, net banking, and EMI. So if you are looking for the Buy Luminous Inverter battery online at the best price, log on to Moxikart.com. You will also find all the information you need to make your decision all that much easier.
How to improve Luminous Inverter battery life?
There are a few simple things by growing the inverter's lifetime or longevity.
  • Fill the distilled water at the right time, first and most importantly. It may take one month to three months depending on your battery type and usage pattern. Better hold a reminder or make yourself used to track each first day of the month in your mobile calendar.
  • Add grate to the inverter battery to protect against corrosion or rust decline. When rust occurs, the old hair, hot water, and baking soda can be taken away.
  • Install the battery once a month and charge it up again freshly. The inner electrolyte will be replaced.
Where to buy a Luminous Inverter battery online?
To buy Luminous Inverter Battery, Moxikart.com is the most trusted option.

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