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Inverter & Battery Combo

Luminous Combo


Buy Luminous Combo Online

Luminous offers many combos like 650 or 665 or 700 square waves UPS, 850or865or900 Watt Sine Wave UPS + Battery etc. These combos are available with 18 months free guarantee and 6 months pro-rata. 850/865/890 sine wave inverters are the best suitable for the electronic gadgets which are very sensitive. They do have 900 AH capacity and can carry the electrical load of 2 fans plus 2 lights with the back up time of 2:30 to 3:30 hours. Luminous 650/665 and 700 has the output in square waves form with the inverter capacity of 500 VA. They do have 1 phase input and 1 phase output. Luminous combo with tall tubular battery has 145 AH capacity and it requires very low maintenance. Its rugged technology saves the inverter whenever there is high or low power fluctuation in main power. These combos offer high purity and corrosion resistant composition. They are composed of highly puncture- resistant separator which helps to minimize the chances of internal short circuits. Their unique features are as below:
Key features and benefits:

  • These are manufactured by HADI technology which helps to maintain uniform structure.
  • These are of very high purity and assure longer battery life.
  • Its eco mode gives longer back up time and flawless operation during scorching heat even.
  • It is equipped with the audible feature of UPS on, battery low, battery low trip, battery over voltage etc.
  • It also offers visual indicators for overload, charging and ON mains.
  • Its ABCC technology make you assure for the faster battery charging.
  • There is very less or no battery-water loss.
  • It has the incredible protection feature of overloading with auto reset function.
  • They do posses battery reverse polarity protection.
  • Its intelligence continuous charging feature makes it the most preferable choice for the consumers.