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    • Offer OKAYA OPJT17036 (140AH)
    • OKAYA OPJT17036 (140AH)
    • Battery type: Tubular Battery

    • Warranty: 36 Months(18 Months Free Of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata)
    • PRICE: 14,700   55% OFF
    • With Old Battery (Same Ah) 6,599
      Without Old Battery 9,999

      (Prices are inclusive of all taxes)

    • Offer OKAYA OPJT19036 (160AH)
    • OKAYA OPJT19036 (160AH)
    • Battery type: Hadi Tall Tubular

    • Warranty:36 Months(18 Months Free Of Cost + 18 Months Pro Rata)
    • PRICE: 13,890   46% OFF
    • With Old Battery (Same Ah) 7,499
      Without Old Battery 10,999

      (Prices are inclusive of all taxes)

About Okaya Inverter Batteries

The fantastic product differs from an ordinary one by superior quality. All inverter batteries typically operate in the same way. Still, OKAYA's state-of-the-art technology, high-quality raw materials, and in-house manufacturing are the exception, which makes Okaya Inverter Batteries outstanding.
Forget about these power cuts with OKAYA batteries. The batteries are made with the exceptional 100% HADI tubular technology with unmatched efficiency. The unique design makes maintenance extremely low and easy to use. The batteries are produced using the new HADI technology using 99.994% pure lead and 30 percent bigger containers that improve the battery durability and avoid regular water topping. This uses the latest technologies for the PE envelope separation to prevent short circuits.
Okaya understands completely the chronic problems of power supplies in India and its commitment to shed light on all households throughout the world. With this slogan, it creates a superior battery portfolio known under all circumstances for its long-lasting existence and impeccable results.
Such batteries, made using Japanese technology, ensure that the need for the best inverter for home is easily met. Batteries are so durable and perfect to light up homes of any type, shape, and size for hours, using the best of the imported machines. However, buying them has become so easy thanks to their web availability and online reservation and ordering with a single click.
Yep, everybody can easily purchase inverter battery online to bring home non-stop electricity. Rather than going to the stores, it's easy now to simply sit inside in comfort and choose from a wide range of batteries. Pricing is also a factor that affects consumers a lot, and the price of the inversion battery is ample evidence here.
It is, therefore, the right time to ignore the confusion, because Okaya would aid in this noble endeavor. It's time to have India's best inverter batteries. After all, when it comes to keeping the house charged for hours, you deserve nothing less.

Buy Okaya Inverter Batteries with Moxikart

Most people are tempted to buy very fine, but the local brand battery, which can be a very wrong choice based on many aspects. Local brands usually do not meet standards of safety, quality, and a relatively small lifespan. Nonetheless, local brands support it and say that they sell very cheap, nearly half the price because they are made very close to this location. Nevertheless, it is more necessary to select the correct battery than the inverter based on safety concerns. Most forms of batteries emit little smoke and gaseous gasses, such as carbon monoxide and big brands, which are of little interest to local brands. Excessive maintenance work continues to be required by local batteries. Besides that, there is no assurance or guarantee on local batteries. Not only do they not purchase restored batteries, even at a low price, since they will most likely be dangerous and have a shorter life. We sell the OKAYA Inverter battery of high quality, which is fitted with the ability to regenerate water and safety valves to avoid inside air and dust, longer lifespan, pleasant as well as smooth operation, and many more. It is plated in steel, rendering it both corrosive and wear-resistant, durable construction, and more. OKAYA Inverter Battery is also popular among customers due to its quality attributes such as low maintenance, energy conservation, cost-effective, and easy installation. This battery is available in different dimensions according to the specifications and requirements of the employers. We sell all types of Okaya inverter batteries online at the lowest price for customers to fulfill their needs. We supply the inverter Okaya free of charge, and after delivery, the customer can pay in cash. Our distribution manager will also install the computer at no extra cost, but only the additional equipment, wires, or switches needed in your home have to be accounted for.

Okaya Inverter Batteries Price in Delhi

Okaya, a famous Inverter battery name, is India's second-largest Inverter and UPS battery brand. Okaya is also the fastest-growing Battery brand in India with an installation base of more than 5 million batteries and a countrywide network of more than seventeen thousand Dealers and eighteen hundred Distributors, with 38 Branch Offices, and 210 Customer Care centers and 10 Manufacturing Plants all across India. You can always be sure of a high level of customer support and sales service with such a vast network and on-site service in 105 cities.
The price of the battery inverter depends on the battery size, brand, power, warranty battery, and distributor.
If you replace the old one, you can sell the old battery back to the supplier and get 10 to 20 percent off the original price.

Buy Okaya Inverter Battery Online

We understand that different users in India have different requirements, so Moxikart has a wide range of Okaya Inverter Batteries. It has value for money for those of you who seldom have power cuts, just like other inverter battery prices.
We also find that people want to save money by purchasing locally produced or upgraded batteries used together with a branded inverter package for their home converters. The approach often doesn't work well, because batteries purchased locally appear to be cheaper simply because they are of lower quality. The buying of the local inverter battery also turns out to be a false economy, since the battery can damage the branded inverter device, cause low energy efficiency and even a safety risk. These may use smaller lead, more inferior standard active materials, and the retailer will be able to pass them off at almost the same price as a branded battery. If the internal wiring is poorly built, it can lead to burnout or burst fusions continuously. Therefore, irrespective of handicraft, these batteries usually require more maintenance and more frequent topping. There's no clear way to know how good or bad a local battery is with revamped batteries. You could play with your money or, even worse, your life. Our advice is to ensure that you always buy new brand-name batteries that are quality-tested and backed by a trustworthy guarantee. Quality-oriented businesses also have an experienced customer service team that will assist you with your battery quality and maintenance queries.
Therefore, always go for a trusted brand like Okaya to purchase the most significant thing for your home and office like Okaya Inverter Batteries. Buy Okaya Battery online with Moxikart.com and get free delivery.

Buying Guide For Okaya Inverter Battery Online with FAQ

In this guide, we will discuss what aspect before we buy Okaya Inverter Batteries within India. Okaya Inverter batteries are designed to satisfy the demand for excessive power failure under Indian conditions. The right inverter batteries need less maintenance and can provide power for their entire life. The Okaya inverter batteries are compatible with all inverter models available in India.  Moxikart is the first online multi-brand battery store in India to provide 100 percent genuine batteries with Okaya Inverter. You will get the original product with the manufacturer's warranty, free home delivery, and COD once you buy Moxikart Okaya batteries. So why are you waiting, buy your high Okaya Inverter battery today? So why are you waiting today?

Where to buy Okaya Inverter Batteries online?

Moxikart.com is the leading option available to purchase Okaya Inverter Battery online.

How can I extend an Okaya inverter battery’s life?

To ensure optimal performance, and Okaya inverter battery must be charged appropriately. Unloading shortens the battery life, and overloading reduces the internal battery structure. You must recognize the appropriate voltage for your battery and create a manner of charging at intervals indicated by the manufacturer. Most batteries with deep cycles need a lot of discharge and recharge cycles to operate at their best. These can be considered' broken' after about 30 cycles. After about one hundred to two hundred charging cycles, deep-cycle batteries begin to decline. When the charging time pattern allows, apply a full charge occasionally. We usually recommend a float charge of about 14-16 hours every few weeks. Place the batteries in places outside the direct sun at well-ventilated and mild temperatures no more than 25 ° C. Cooler temperatures slow down the accumulation of damaging battery parasites. Prevent deep discharges that accumulate over 65% of the power and recharge as frequently as possible to avoid having low density electrolyte in the battery that destroys hard sulfates inside the plates. While bigger branded inverter batteries are more reliably made, each one is special in its ability to maintain a charge. Less credible battery manufacturers, like the Microtex team, closely match battery cells in age, impedance, and charge to ensure service reliability and a longer lifespan. We check each battery thoroughly to make sure it lasts as long as possible.
Apart from the already mentioned reasons, another way of extending the life of an inverter battery is to ensure that it is used correctly and only when needed. It should be standard practice to lower a battery load while it performs the same functions as a power supply.  The less pressure a battery puts, the longer it lasts before power is restored.
Below are tips to save electricity while waiting for the conversion.
  • The first step is to switch unnecessary electrical items off where possible.
  • See to fill all high output light fittings with low-energy bulbs.
  • Search for corrosion battery terminals. A certain amount of oxidation is natural. However, heavy corrosion or white sulfate build-up causes high resistance, decreases battery life and power delivery, and gives less run-time.
  • For each electrical device, use the appropriate wiring power. Ineffective cable raises the battery load by increasing the circuit's electrical resistance and reduces its lifetime.
  • There is a term called' fantasy control' that describes the electricity used when plugged in by electronic devices. Switch these items off and unplug at least until the power supply is restored.
  • If not necessary, switch unnecessary lights, fans, or other appliances off.
  • Older devices are gaining more power and more energy efficiency than new ones. Make sure the priority is given to replacing products with less fuel.

How to increase the Okaya battery life?

There are some simple guidelines curated by us that you can follow to increase the inverter battery lifespan.
  • Fill the distilled water in good time. It can take from one month to three months, depending on your battery size and usage pattern. Better remember your mobile calendar or make yourself used to check every first day of the month.
  • Grate the socket connections to prevent corrosion or rust loss of the inverter battery. If corrosion is already stronger, extract it using the old brush, warm water, and baking soda.
  • The battery is drained once a month and charged again. The inner electrolyte will be cleaned.
  • It is always preferable not to connect high-load devices to the inverter and overuse devices when not required. The energy efficiency of the home appliance also significantly reduces the burden on the inverter battery.

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