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Inverter & Home UPS

Amaron Inverter


Buy Amaron Inverter Online

Interrupted power supply is a great issue in India but you don’t need to worry about it as Amaron offers a wide range of inverters. So you can get your life uninterrupted with quality back up delivered by Amaron inverters. For getting the better output, it should not be combined with local battery. Battery cables should not be in reverse direction. It is always advised to never give inverter output to more than its capacity. Amaron inverter always use top class battery with Silver X alloy. It has the capacity to offer 12 hours of supply when basic equipments are connected with this. Its i-DSP technology makes it much more efficient. It can be easily floor or wall mounted. Its output is sine wave which protects the gadgets from any overloaded. Due to DSP technology it offers zero humming experience
:There are some precautions one should follow while using this inverter: ? It must be installed in ventilated area and on flat surface only. ? All battery terminals should be tightened properly. ? Before disconnecting it, it is recommended to switch off the front panel. ? Always use rated MCB, and battery cables.
Features of Amaron inverter

  • This inverter is equipped with DSP technology which helps to enhance the life of electronic gadgets.
  • Its unique Intelli Battery Safeguard assures consumers about the optimal charging.
  • It abides by the guidelines and benefits of TS16940 ISO9001.
  • It offers quick charging technology due to which it offers fast charging.
  • Its compact design and amazing look makes it an ideal solution for every home.
  • It bestows better protection to safeguard the electronic equipments.
  • Its AC input is 230V +15 %-5V
  • Amaron has a battery voltage of 12V
  • It offers boost mode as well as trickle mode.
  • It needs ultra low maintenance.