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Buy Solar Charge Controller Online

Produced by advanced technologies and modern techniques, solar charge controllers are renowned among the clients for outstanding quality and high presentation. They are offered with customized solutions. Solar charge controller assists in regulating the current across the solar panels in different batteries.

You will get a wide range of charge controllers which are used to control the charging through solar radiations. Charge controller certifies smooth operations and is available in standard sizes and technical configurations. These chargers range make you assure the overload protection. The Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm is used to create advanced solar charge controllers; it is used to track the peak power offered by a solar panel and maximize the energy saved by the panels. These tracking algorithms are the electrical operating point of the modules and enable to offer maximum available power.

Salient Features:
  • These are the 3 phase interleaved boost charge controller
  • They are designed on SP based rugged design
  • They are marine grade hardware
  • During over temperature, they are protected automatically
  • In case there is any fault, they can also recover the fault automatically
  • They run on operating frequency-20 kHz x 3=60 KHz
  • Their battery charging mode is CC, CV & float mode
  • These do offer maximum power point tracking
  • They prevent over charging
  • There are multi-stage battery charging

    If accidentally, the connected panel is more voltage than its rated voltage, it gets protected mechanically. Due to high voltage spikes transferring to the panel input never causes any damage to the system. Usually the panel current and VA should be equal or lesser than the rated current and VA of the MPPT. But if accidentally, the connected panel has more current and more VA than that of MPPT, the MPPT will trip and short circuit will be indicated in the display. is one of the top multi brand online solar charge controller store in India which deals with 100% original and genuine product and offers you to buy solar charge controller online at the lowest price.