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Luminous Solar Panel


Buy Luminous Solar Panel Online

Solar panels are completely different from the normal sine wave inverter. Solar panels are programmed to give priority to solar power to save money on electricity bills. Luminous solar panel is one of the top companies in Indian Power back-up Industry. This is indeed innovative and bundled with several excellent new facilities. Luminous Solar panel has a function namely ‘i-charging’, which enables 15 amp charge current to charge the battery connected to it very quickly. Luminous solar panel has both AC and DC output option. AC output is very much common and everyone knows the rationale of it. With DC output, you can use DC fan, DC light and other DC gadgets. Below are some important features which we can find as very much innovative:

  • These solar panels can be connected up to 400 watts (12v)
  • These are best in class quick charging with 15 amp charge current
  • These are equipped with battery type selection switch
  • It can give at least 30 % savings on electric bill ? These are pure sine wave output panels
  • These is no load shutdown and saves battery power efficiently Battery Type Selection switch All of the modern day inverters are provided with battery type selection switch. Luminous solar panel is not any kind of exception. There are three options available for it– Normal flat plate battery, Tubular battery and Local Battery. This solar panel uses current from solar panels as the primary source to charge the battery which concludes in money savings of up to 30 % on the electric bill. These are purely sine wave output solar panels. Luminous Solar panel offers pure sine wave current which is safe for every of your sensitive electronic gadgets like LCD, LED TV’s, computers, mobile chargers and laptop chargers. There is no load shutdown with luminous solar panels and it automatically shuts down the output to save battery.